New Study Finds Australians Spending Even More Money On Online Shopping This Year

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Australians are spending more money shopping online, with the average consumer now spending $2,616 a year.

A six-year study from the World Internet Project found Australian online shopping in a “strong, second wave of growth”, with average spend up 5.8% from 2011-13 after staying roughly flat between 2009-2011.

Men spent an average of $229 on online goods a month, while women spent $204.

Researcher Scott Ewing from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation found Australians making a far greater number of small purchases online, with 46.2% more transactions logged in 2013 than 2011, despite the relatively small increase in spend.

Ewing pinned the growth on higher internet use – up from 71% in 2007 to 91% this year – and Australians being more comfortable researching and buying products online. In 2007, 40% of Australians “never looked for product information online”, compared to 16% this year.

The study put Australians among the top internet shoppers globally, with three in ten shopping online every week, compared to two in ten New Zealanders and one in ten Swiss. From the report:

Several reports have suggested that a high Australian dollar pushed Australians towards overseas, online retailers early this year, but Ewing stated today that local retailers were “maintaining their share of growth”.

Almost half (48%) of Australian online shoppers said they shopped exclusively, or at least predominantly, on Australian sites this year, compared to 51% in 2011, while 79% said they would prefer or strongly prefer to shop on local sites, up from 74% in 2011.

Frost & Sullivan in July predicted that Australians would spend a total of $18.3 billion online shopping this year, with the average spend per shopper at $1,750 – significantly below today’s CCI findings.

Analysts said online sales would account for 7% of total retail sales this year, and 9.8% by 2017 as “large, local retail chains such as Harvey Norman, Myer and David Jones” improved and expanded their online offerings.

There’s more in the CCI report.

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