Australians Just Can't Get Enough 4 Wheel Drives

Getty/Tim Boyle

After a few months in the doldrums Australians love affair with their 4 wheel drive vehicles, what the Australian Bureau of Statistics calls SUV’s, has surged back with a vengeance, rising 6.8% in seasonally adjusted terms to 31,046 during September.

This helped propel the overall increase in new motor vehicle sales for the month to a solid 2.9% increase. Passenger vehicles were only up 0.5% to 44,017 while other vehicles rose 2.3% to 19,222.

This took the total sales for the month to 94,285 back toward the June 2014 levels and the second highest number of sales for this year.

This data belies consumer sentiment data seen early this morning so it will be worth watching in the months ahead for signs of a possible rebound.

Source: ABS

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