Australians have swapped their laptops for smartphones

Elvis enthusiasts pose for an iPhone picture with a selfie stick in Sydney. Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Australians are ditching their laptops in favour of smartphones, according to the latest annual Media Consumer Survey by Deloitte.

The smartphone is now the most valued device for 81% of Australians.

And for the first time in the survey there was a small reduction in laptop ownership by households to 82%, and DVRs (to 43% from 46%) and gaming consoles (51% from 55%).

The chart shows the spread of devices in the home:

“This means that mobile technologies continue to be paramount when it comes to engaging and retaining customers,” says Stuart Johnston of Deloitte.

“Connectivity is the name of the game. The modern Australian family or household is a connected one – with an average of two TVs, two laptops, two tablets and two smartphones.”

This multi-device ownership is a factor contributing to a rise in multi-tasking. While watching TV at home, 85% now multi-task compared with 79% last year.

Australians still spend 44% of their time watching TV and movie content traditionally, as linear broadcasts.

However Trailing Millennials, the 14-24 year olds, spend 26% of their viewing time watching linear broadcasts and 31% on streamed content.

The survey of 2000 people was done after the launch of streaming media services Stan and Foxtel’s Presto but before the launch of the US giant Netflix in Australia

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