Australians Have Downloaded The Equivalent Of 250 Billion Songs In The Three Months To June 2014

Image: Shutterstock.

Australians downloaded nearly one million terabytes – or one exabyte – of data via broadband in the three months to June this year, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

That’s a lot of data. It’s the equivalent to about 250 billion songs.

“Our total download volume for the three months was 996,160 terabytes via broadband, and 38,734 terabytes via mobile handset,” the ABS’ Lesley Martin said.

It was a 16% increase in broadband downloads compared to the three months to December 2013, but the growth in mobile handsets downloads was a staggering 40%.

“Exactly five years ago, for the three months ended June 2009, we were just about to hit 100,000 terabytes of downloads, so today’s result makes a tenfold increase in just five years,” Martin said.

At June 30 there were 20.6 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia, increasing just 1% in the six months to June 30. Those handsets represent 4% of data downloaded, which equates to about 0.6 GB per subscriber, per month.

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