Australians can’t get enough of German made cars

The Porsche Macan has catapulted the German brand’s sales.

Coinciding with the SUV boom, it appears Australian new car buyers can’t get enough of premium German brands either, with Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi all having another great month.

The new car sales numbers for March 2016 have just come out, and while Toyota is still leading total sales with 17,849 cars sold, the premium sector had a solid month.

Mercedes-Benz jumped into the top 10 with 3728 cars sold in March, up 7.1% year-on-year, with BMW following it with 2655 sales, up 14.9%, Audi with 2011 sales, up 8.2%, and Porsche with 391 sales, up a whopping 21.1% on last year.

The numbers become more impressive when you look at individual cars, with Mercedes-Benz selling more than double the amount of C-Class vehicles than Mazda 6s, and even BMW 3 series selling more than Mazda’s mid-sized sedan. If it wasn’t for Toyota’s high fleet sales of its Camry, the German brands would have completely dominated the mid-size market.

In fact, the premium market as a whole had a great month, with both Infiniti and Jaguar receiving a big boost thanks to new models, seeing them up 83.9% and 232.9% respectively.

The notable losers last month centred around the Fiat Chrysler Australia group, with Alfa Romeo down 54.23%, Chrysler down 68.1%, Dodge down 42.3%, Fiat down 56.4% and Jeep down 60.9%.