Australians bought more Ferraris and Lamborghinis than ever before in 2015

Australia’s new car sales record has been broken, with 1,155,408 new passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles sold in 2015.

That’s 19,181 more than the previous record year of 2013, in which 1,136,227 vehicles were sold.

If you thought you had noticed more people driving around in SUVs than sedans these days you’d be right, with SUVs continuing to boom as the highest selling category in the country, accounting for 35.4% of the market. With over 25,000 sold, the Mazda CX-5 was the king of the SUVs.

In other segments, micro cars and large sedans saw big drops, while people-movers and medium sized cars saw a solid increase in sales throughout the year.

Toyota was again the highest selling brand in Australia, with Mazda jumping up into second place, while Holden just beat out Hyundai for third place.

The Toyota Corolla took out first place for the highest selling car in Australia, with just over 42,000 sold in 2015. This was followed by the Mazda 3 with 38,644 sales and the Toyota Hilux with 35,161 sold.

Luxury brands in Australia had a fantastic year, with Audi sales up 20%, BMW up 10%, Lexus up 24% and Mercedes-Benz 14%.

Similarly, brands in the high-end sports car market sold more cars than ever. Ferrari had its biggest year on record in Australia, selling 167 cars, up nearly 50% on 2014. Lamborghini also had a monster year, with a whopping sales increase of 258.4% thanks to the release of the Huracan which the brand predicts will be its best-selling car. Porsche nearly doubled its sales too thanks to the new Macan SUV.

But while those brands had a great year, it wasn’t so good for others. Chinese brands such as Chery and Great Wall all but dropped off the map, with Great Wall selling just 142 cars all year, down 94.6% after disputes between the company and its local distributor.

The Fiat Chrysler Group had a year it would like to forget too, with all of its brands down big time over 2014. Chrysler got hit the most, with a 44% drop in sales over the previous year, followed by Alfa Romeo whose sales were down almost 37%.

Locally, Ford had a fairly ordinary year as it continues its transition the company away from the Falcon and Territory SUV. The company sold just 70,454 cars in 2015, down nearly 12% on 2014. Just 5,938 Falcons were sold in 2015, the lowest amount ever.

2016 should look better for the company, with the Everest SUV, Mustang sports car and new Mondeo sedan all expected to help boost sales.

Holden’s year was only marginally better, down 3%, but still selling almost 103,000 vehicles. The Commodore is still its highest selling car with 27,770 sold in the year.

With such a reliance on the Commodore, it’ll be interesting to see what the company does when production of the locally-made model stops in 2017.

Top 10 brands for 2015:

Toyota — 206,236 (up 1.3%)
Mazda — 114,024 (up 13.2%)
Holden — 102,951 (down 3%)
Hyundai — 102,004 (up 2%)
Mitsubishi — 71,743 (up 4.5%)
Ford — 70,454 (down 11.6%)
Nissan — 66,062 (up 0.1%)
Volkswagen — 60,225 (up 9.9%)
Subaru — 42,600 (up 7.6%)
Honda — 40,100 (up 21.5%)

Top 10 models for 2015:

Toyota Corolla — 42,073
Mazda 3 — 38,644
Toyota HiLux — 35,161
Hyundai i30 — 32,306
Ford Ranger — 29,185
Holden Commodore — 27,770
Toyota Camry — 27,654
Mitsubishi Triton — 25,338
Mazda CX-5 — 25,136
Volkswagen Golf — 22,092

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