Australians are work tragics, with most checking their email on weekends

Scott Garfield/Warner Bros./Getty Images

Most Australians admit they check their work email when at home on the weekend.

A LiveHire SMS Pulse Survey of 710 people asked: “Do you regularly check your email outside of work hours and on weekends?”

The response: 66% said Yes, 34% said No.

Mike Haywood, founder of LiveHire, a platform to create pools of pre-qualified job candidates for companies to dip into when they need to recruit, says people seem to naturally lean towards flexible working.

“People as a majority feel ‘on-call’ and are happy to engage with work activities in their personal time,” he said.

“Companies that let this naturally continue need to recognise it, and in return, they could consider providing flexibility for their employees to attend personal engagements during traditional work hours when necessary.

“It’s all about trust and respect.”

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