40,000 Australians Placed Their First Online Trade In The Six Months To December

Gold medalist Eric Frenzel of Germany. Photo: Getty

Confidence is returning to direct investors with the number of online share traders in Australia increasing by 10 per cent – the first rise in two years.

In the 12 months to December, 585,000 Australians placed at least one share trade online, according to the Australia Online Broking Report.

And about 40,000 new investors placed their first online share trade in the 6 months to December.

The Australia Online Broking Report by analysts Investment Trends is based on a survey of 13,096 investors conducted between November and December.

Investor fear is down to 5.6 out of 10, the lowest level recorded since the inception of the measurements in 2008.

Average return expectations are up to a high of 7% in October 2013, but still a long way below the historical levels of well above 10%, typical for the pre-GFC period.

The ranking of Australian online brokers is unchanged with CommSec on top by a large margin:


On a global stage, the Australian market has the second highest level of adoption of online share trading relative to the adult population (3.4%), behind Singapore (5.2%) and in front of the US (2.4%), UK (1.5%), Germany (1.2%) and France (0.9%).