Australians Are Increasingly Worried About Losing Their Jobs

Photo: Shutterstock

Australians are increasingly worried about their jobs, according to the Household Financial Comfort Report By ME Bank.

Job insecurity is now a top three concern among households, rising 5 per cent to 31 per cent of households in the past six months to December 2013.

Concern about finding a new job within two months if unemployed also rose 1 per cent to 55 per cent of the working population.

The rise in job insecurity, a result of increasing unemployment and increasing casual/part-time jobs, is exacerbated by a relatively low level of household comfort with emergency cash buffers, savings and investments.

Overall, household financial comfort was 5.52 out of 10 in December 2013, a moderate level and largely unchanged in the past six months although at its highest level since the Index was established in October 2011.

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