Australians Are In For Hefty Health Insurance Price Hikes Next Year

Australians are facing the biggest health insurance price rise since 2005, with companies increasing premiums by up to 8% next year.

Earlier this week, Health Minister Peter Dutton approved plans by all 34 health insurers to increase premiums by an average of 6.2% – up from the 5.6% approved by the former Labor government.

The SMH reports that the average family policy including extras like dental costs will rise by more than $200 a year, while singles can expect to pay $100 more a year.

Dutton blamed the increase on insurers higher-than-expected claims, and “pressures placed on the sector by Labor”.

The decision comes as the Abbott Government considers scrapping means-testing of its 30% health insurance rebate.

There’s more on the SMH.

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