Australians are in a small, strange club in believing work-life balance is what matters most

Image: Shutterstock.

Chasing a work-life balance is an elusive goal for many Australians, while others have the balance down pat.

Either way — whether you’re chasing it, or living it — it’s an element of life which matters most to Australians, OECD Better Life Index data shows.

International moving company Movehub recently used the data to put together an infographic which shows what matters most to people all over the world.

It has landed Australia in with a strange, small club of countries ranking work-life balance most important which includes Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Mali and Iraq.

Health is the top priority for Russia, China and Canada, while the US, India, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Ireland and the UK are just some of the mass of countries which rank life satisfaction as the most important matter.

You can see it all below.

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