Australians are buying more of Mercedes' new AMG sports cars per capita than anyone else

Australians loves their luxury cars, and they love them fast, it seems.

Mercedes-Benz Australia sold over 4000 of their performance AMG models in 2015, the highest per capita sales rate of any country in the world. It’s also around 13% of their 31,700 cars sold in Australia throughout the year.

The raw figures also put Australia in the top five for AMGs sold in the world.

The top selling Mercedes-AMG models were the CLA45 AMG and A45 AMG, both of which can be bought for less than $100k if you’re willing to leave out a few optional extras. This lower entry point undoubtedly helped the sales figures surge.

Traditionally the top selling AMG has been the C63 AMG sedan and wagon, which since the new model’s launch in mid-215, sold around 560 models. Expect it to reclaim the crown in 2016 with a full year of the new model being on sale.

The GLA45 AMG, Mercedes’ attempt to dig into the increasingly popular performance SUV market has proved extremely popular too, moving around 600 models in 2015.

To put those 4000 or so AMG sales in context, that’s about the same amount of cars Peugeot sold in Australia in 2015.

The final VFACTS data for 2015 will be out tomorrow so we will be able to dive into it more and see what other interesting sales numbers there were from last year.

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