Photos Of Australian Athletes Training For The Winter Olympics During The Summer

Australia has only won nine Winter Olympic medals.

It makes sense — there’s no snow there and the winter games take place in Aussie summer.

But Australian athletes are starting to figure out ways of getting around those inherent disadvantages.

During October and November Aussie athletes worked out on the beach, snowboarded on sand dunes, and put wheels on their bobsleds in preparation for the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

It’s pretty impressive.

Alpine skier Katya Crema set up a starting gate in her backyard, and her friend tried it out.

The aerial skiing team trains by jumping into a lake at a facility in Lilydale.

The ramp.

The jump.

Right into the water.

Cross country skier Paul Kovacs went 'rollerskiing' to the top of Mt. Buffalo.

Ski cross athlete Sami Kennedy-Sim is one of a group of four athletes who train together at Warriewood Beach.

Snowboarder Steph Magiros trained at the Cronulla Sand Dunes near Sydney.

Kenndy-Sim's view from Boomerang Beach after training.

Snowboarder Alex Pullin raced down a sand dune for a 'Sochi On 10' commercial.

Luge competitor Alex Ferlazzo put his sled on wheels and raced down a road.

Bobsledder Jana Pittman practices with a bobsled on wheels.

A close-up of the wheeled bobsleds.

Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff was the first person to use the 'starting gate' practice machine at the Australian Sports Institute.

Getty Images did a series of surrealist portraits of Aussie Winter Olympics. A skier in the woods.

Luge competitor Alex Ferlazzo underwater.

Snowboarder Alex Finch on a sand dune.

The only downside of training in Australia.

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