7 scenic Australian road trips that only take a weekend to complete

7 scenic Australian road trips that only take a weekend to complete
Image: Flikr / Sacha Fernandez
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After the almost two years we’ve just had, it’s totally understandable if you’re keen to adventure again, but want to take it slow. You’ll be amazed at how much a weekend road trip can satisfy the travel bug, without needing to stop more than once at your nearest service station — unless you’re in the mood for snacks

Not to mention Australia happens to be a beautiful country with endless terrains and experiences to enjoy. So get out there, and try out these short road trips based on your location.

If you live in Sydney: Port Stephens

Image: Flikr / Sacha Fernandez
Image: Flikr / Sacha Fernandez

Just two and a half hours from Sydney, Port Stephens will surprise you in all the best ways. Stunning beaches that won’t get over-crowded (except by the dolphins that call it home), amazing food, plus one of the best quad-biking experiences in the world. It’s the perfect summer destination.

If you live in Brisbane: Gold Coast Hinterland

Image: Flikr / Shaun Johnston

While most tourists flock to the Gold Coast, the lush tranquillity of the Hinterlands is relatively undiscovered. Just an hour from Brisbane, it’s a paradise for foodies, hikers and nature lovers — walking through Springbrook National Park is a must. There’s also a range of accommodation from casual to classy.

If you live in Adelaide: Barossa Valley

Image: Instagram/ @probably_kassia

Luckily the road trip from Adelaide to the Barossa is only a little over an hour, which means you can easily make a full weekend of it, giving yourself time to taste all the wine and still recover in time for the trip home. Besides world class wineries and breweries, the Barossa has a picturesque country beauty that belongs in a painting.

If you live in Hobart: Huon Valley

Image: Flikr / Raymond Ling

Tasmanians are fairly lucky in the fact that they could just about tour their whole incredible island in a weekend. However, for a short 30-minute road trip that’ll give you more time to taste the incredible food and tour the craft cider makers, breweries, and wineries, head to Huon Valley. And then stay for the unpolluted star-gazing.

If you live in Darwin: Litchfield National Park

Image: Instagram/ @probably_kassia

The Northern Territory landscape is unlike any other in Australia, not to mention the incredible wildlife that call the NT home. Head one and a half hours out of Darwin and join an unmissable croc tour with Top End Safari Camp. The helicopter ride over the river will have you actually sighing. Then go cool off in one of the incredible natural swimming holes.

If you live in Perth: Margaret River

Image: Instagram/ @larrycherubino

You already know it for the incredible wineries (and you should), but Margaret river has so much more to offer for just an easy three hour trip from Perth. Hikers have to try the Cape to Cape Track and enjoy the incredible water views, making a stop at Hamelin Bay to marvel at the famous wild stingrays there.

If you live in Melbourne: Mornington Peninsula

Image: Flikr/ The 3B’s

If planning ahead is all that’s keeping you sane during lockdown, you’ll want to start making an itinerary for a road trip to the Mornington Peninsula. They have famous hot springs, a cable car with amazing views plus distilleries, wineries and breweries and those adorable beach huts at Mount Martha. That’s all just an hour’s road trip from the city, so what more could you want?