These Australian twins are behind Moji Edit, a popular new app that had half a million downloads in a month

Colina and Hripsime. Image: supplied.

Australian twin sisters Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian decided to take a break from studying law at Sydney’s Macquarie University to create their first app, Moji Edit.

Moji Edit allows users to create and personalise an emoji of themselves.

The 24-year-olds weren’t prepared for the response. At one stage the app was ahead of Pokemon Go and celebrities started picking it up and tweeting about it.

The app got more than 500,000 users in four weeks. It featured in the UK and Ireland as Hot App of the Week, ranked #3 in Free Utilities in the US and was Canada’s #2 in free Utilities.

“This is our first app and we are really startled and humbled,” says Colina. “We’ve actually achieved 550,000 users in the first four weeks and 100,000 downloads were in two days.”

Moji Edit is free to download with payments later if users want to unlock features.

“It’s just the two of us in this,” says Colina.

Image: Supplied.

“With this project, we really wanted to partner up and do something amazing. We always wanted to do something together.

“You have to grab the opportunity and give it all you’ve got.”

The twins say money doesn’t drive them.

“We’re really about making an app that people will love. We look at Moji Edit from a long term perspective,” says Colina. “We’re aiming to be the leading source of emojis in Australia and internationally.”

Along the way, they are learning technical skills and doing deep dives into the world of marketing.

“I guess we are wearing a lot of hats right now. We know that our hard work and our continued commitment … we can achieve anything we put our minds to

“We want inspire young, female entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a tech startup to really go for it.

“As we both know the road isn’t easy. You’ve got to get past all the challenges and overcome all your fears but at the same time you’ve got to always remember to never let your idea down and keep fighting for it.”

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