Australian Troops Have Delivered Enough Food And Water To Feed 3700 Yazidis For The Next 24 hours

US prepares for airdrop on August 8. Photo: Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./ U.S. Air Force via Getty

Australian troops have made their first humanitarian aid drop to Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq, delivering enough food water to sustain 3700 people for the next 24 hours.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says troops dropped 10 pallets of high energy biscuits and bottled water to the refugees, and that the government will continue “until the security of the Yazidi civilians is assured and they can safely move from Mount Sinjar”.

The delivery comes as the Pentagon reports there are “far fewer” refugees stranded on Mount Sinjar than first thought, according to The New York Times.

There is now estimated to be several thousand refuguees, down from initial estimates of 20,000 to 30,000, which US Defense officials have said “is much more manageable”.

Yesterday Tony Abbott said he would not rule out sending Australian troops into Iraq.

“Australia is not without capacity and we want to use the capacity we have for good,” he said.

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