Australian tinned tomatoes are being recalled, which is a disaster for SPC Ardmona

Photo: Getty / David Ramos

After more than two years of trying to ensure the survival of Australia’s tinned tomato industry in a fight against dumped Italian product Coca Cola-Amatil’s SPC Ardmona plant in Shepparton, Victoria, had a major setback today, recalling Ardmona 400g whole peeled vine-ripened tinned tomatoes because opening the cans may cause injury.

The Australian-grown tinned tomatoes are sold in Coles, Woolworths, IGA and independent supermarkets. The product code on the can base is TOM W/P 428580 007CM.

SPC says customers should dispose of the cans and contact SPC Customer Service on 1800 805 168 for a full refund.

The company says “there is a potential issue with the packaging integrity of a specific batch causing increased pressure in the can”.

The recall comes just a month after the company celebrated the first season of its new $36 million state-of-the-art tomato processing plant and launched a new marketing campaign for Ardmona tomatoes.

Prior to that, Australia’s last remaining tomato cannery spent two years lobbying the federal government over Italian manufacturers “dumping” tinned tomatoes here at the expense of the local industry.

“Dumping” is when a manufacturer exports a product to foreign markets at a price lower than they’d expect to receive domestically. The issue was investigated by Anti-Dumping Commission and in February 2016, the Turnbull government agreed to impose anti-dumping duties on two of Italy’s biggest exporters, La Doria and Feger.

The recall notice from SPC Ardmona

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