Australian tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has been put on probation

Nick Kyrgios. Photo: Getty Images.

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios has been put on probation by the ATP and faces a 28-day ban from tennis and a $US25,000 ($AU35,000) fine in the wake of his on court sledge against Stan Wawrinka in Montreal a fortnight ago.

Kyrgios, 20, is on probation for six months, until February 24, and if he misbehaves, resulting in a fine worth more than $US5000 ($AU7000), or sanctioned for verbal or physical abuse during that period, then he will be suspended from the men’s tour for four weeks.

The ATP’s review into the player’s comments at the Canadian tournament found he committed the player major offence of “aggravated behaviour”.

At the time, Kyrgios was fined the on-site maximum of $US10,000 for the incident, in which he commented on the sex life of Warinka’s girlfriend, plus a $US2,500 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct for a comment made to a ball person during the match.

The ATP’s rules and competition executive vice president, Gayle David Bradshaw, said: “This incident was egregious and reflected poorly on our sport”, but added that he had expressed regret and should have the chance to “earn” his way out of additional sanctions.

“The best result would be that he learns a lesson from this incident and that he understands he is responsible to the Tour and to fellow players for both his actions and his words,” she said.

The ATP’s second chance will nonetheless be a challenge for Kyrgios, who has already been involved in a number of controversies this year, including accusations of “tanking” during Wimbledon in July.

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