Australian teen dropout Jake Bilardi reported killed in ISIS suicide mission

Unconfirmed reports say Jake Bilardi, the Australian teen known as the “white jihadi”, has died in an Islamic State suicide attack in Iraq.

According to The Age, IS has been associating his image with a string of attacks overnight in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, and Syrian sources have claimed he was killed in the attacks.

An ISIS video shows a van purportedly used in the attacks and includes a caucasian youth that looks like Bilardi.

DFAT has not been able to confirm his involvement.

Bilardi came to prominence after appearing in a video with IS militants and was initially believed to be British. It later emerged he was an 18-year-old from the Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn who was a talented student, especially at maths, but later dropped out of school and converted to Islam.

He is believed to have become radicalised after his mother died of cancer.

The radicalisation of disaffected youths is becoming an increasing concern for Australian authorities. Last week, two brothers aged 16 and 17 were arrested at Sydney airport, suspected of trying to travel to Syria to join militants.

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