Australian taxi app ingogo is expanding into Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Hamish Petrie, founder of taxi app ingogo

Australian taxi app and mobile payment provider, ingogo, is expanding across Australia and will soon be available in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Ahead of a potential ASX listing, the company has also overhauled its app to improve the user experience and update the driver allocation algorithm. The taxi booking market – which also includes players like GoCatch and Cab Charge – has been crushed by global powerhouse Uber.

Uber is yet to expand its full services into Adelaide where only Uber Black is available.

There are also rumours circulating that Lyft is scouting out the Australian market which means more competition for these small Aussie startups.

Ingogo has been running in Sydney since 2011 and expanded into Melbourne last year. The company is currently building a driver network in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and will be available for bookings in those cities soon.

Founder and CEO of ingogo, Hamish Petrie, said the latest update is the first overhaul the app has had since it launched in 2011.

“We’ve made some really strong advancements in the technology, and completely evolved the design and feel to make catching a cab a beautifully simple experience,” he said.

The ingogo app enables users to book cabs up to 48 hours ahead of time, it estimates time of travel using real-time GPS tracking, and it also incentivises drivers who accept short trips or jobs at changeover times.