VIDEO: A top Australian surfer watched sharks eat a dead whale off his favourite break

A great white David Fleetham/Barcroft Media via Getty Images.

Australian surfer Laurie Towner isn’t afraid of danger. The big waver rider has been dubbed the King of Cloudbreak, the Fijian reef break regarded as one of the world’s 10 most challenging waves, for rides like this.

When he’s not within centimetres of being shredded on a coral reef, Towner spends his time on the NSW far north coast village of Angourie, a famed surf spot former would champion Nat Young also calls home.

But earlier this week, Towner was off his favourite break at Angourie when he spotted a dead humpback offering a buffet meal to the local shark population:

“WARNING! Do not surf the point or anywhere around home right now,” he wrote.

“Just had an epic experience watching a couple decent sized whites chopping into this whale that just missed washing up on the point just now! Amazing to watch.”

While Mick Fanning, who knows a thing or two about encountering great whites, didn’t comment, 11-times world champ Kelly Slater saw an opportunity, telling Towner it was “Probably safest time to surf. They know they want that whale blubber and not some skinny surfers!”

Towner replied: “I realised when I posted it I should of said warning if you want the point to yourself get out there hahah.”

When Towner’s brother Hughie went out in his boat later on, he saw two whites, two tigers and a bull shark feeding on the carcass.

And then he took this astonishing footage of a great white tearing a large chunks of the dead whale in a reminder that you wouldn’t want skinny surfer legs anywhere near this giant of the deep.

Crazy to see how much power these guys have!

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