Australian Supermarket Trolleys Now Have Cup Holders -- Naturally, People Are Using Them For Beer

Grocery shopping is a chore that is hard to avoid unless you want to starve, or you get delivery.

The process of walking up and down each aisle trying the find all the items on your shopping list while you contend with the hordes of other shoppers who are all trying to get in and out as fast as you are.

The little improvements count, so Woolworths in Australia has added drink holders to the handles of their shopping trolleys.

“Woolworths introduced cup holders as part of a redesign of our supermarket trolleys,” said a spokesperson for the supermarket giant.

“They came about primarily as something to hold drinks for toddlers and were put there resulting from feedback directly from customers. Woolworths has happy to add the feature for the convenience of our customers. Cupholders have subsequently been popular for shoppers to use for carrying drinks for themselves, including coffee.”

While the intended use is obviously not for alcoholic beverages, in classic Australian fashion, many have seen the redesign as the perfect stubbie holder.

Well, that’s one way to make grocery shopping less painful. And the new design has now got shoppers talking about more design options for their trolleys.

On a Reddit thread, one user has suggested adding “robotic arms”.

“I would buy the sh** out of their store just for that,” they said.

Other suggestions included “a nerf gunner” and a “foot bar.. ride it in the parking lot on the way to my car”. One person also suggested Woolworths should start selling coffee to make the most of the cup holder.

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