Australian startup Atmail is ramping up the fight against the 100 billion spam emails sent every day

Photo: Getty Images

Australian email startup Atmail has partnered with email security company Spamhaus to protect its customers from spam.

Spamhaus is a global spam monitoring and blocking service, filtering malicious emails before they arrive to the server.

Based in Queensland, Atmail has grown to power more than 45 million inboxes around the world, including Optus, iiNet and TPG.

The startup estimates more than 196.3 billion emails are sent globally, of which 64% are spam.

Ramping up its fight against spam, the new feature has the ability to reject more than 90% of rubbish emails even before they enter the email server.

Spam is more than an annoying email in your inbox, by managing rogue messages you can free up infrastructure bandwidth and resources, improve performance and make email safer.

It’s also an environmental fight, the company estimates spam creates about 20 million tonnes of CO2 a year.

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