Australian Spy Says He Was Sacked For Blabbing To His Girlfriend, Wants To Take ASIO To Court

Photo: Getty Images Entertainment

The Canberra Times has a story about an ex-Australian spy who claims he was sacked for telling his partner about his top-secret profession too early on in the piece.

He can’t be named. But the Canberra Times says in 2011 he began dating a woman from overseas, and told ASIO about it when he became aware she was “lodging with her nation’s military attache”.

She is now his wife. But Australia’s domestic spy service seems to think it was too soon to drop the bombshell that he was a secret agent.

They revoked his security clearance, and he was sacked in 2011.

The case is set to go before the Federal Court, since — for security reasons — it’s not really one for the Fair Work Commission.

”So they [ASIO] can say what they like, it can’t be reviewed, and the only thing that’s left for me to do now is to sue them in a court,” the former spy said in the article.

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