Australian Police Can Now Catch Drivers Using Mobile Phones From More Than Half A Kilometre Away

Speed camera in action in Glasgow, UK. Picture Getty Images

New traffic cameras being rolled out in Victoria will catch drivers using their mobile phones from 700m away.

The Herald Sun reports Victoria Police began deploying the cameras last week, which will also focus on selt belt infringements and other distractions such as applying make-up or eating at the wheel.

Distracted driving carries a penalty of $433 and four demerit points.

The roadside cameras will rotate around Victoria’s 2000 approved mobile camera sites for the next 13 days.

The Victorian Government claims texting increases crash risk for car drivers up to 15 times and more than 20 times for truck drivers.

Victoria Police are also considering buying car-mounted cameras to target mobile phone use which sit atop poles that can extend 3.6m high.

It has sent a team of officers to Manchester, England, to watch the car-mounted cameras in action.

You can read more about the mobile phone cameras here >>

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