A Brutal Heatwave Is About To Hit The Australian Open - 41C Tomorrow

2013 australian open tennis hot fanLucas Dawson/Getty ImagesA fan cools down at the 2013 Australian Open.

A searing heatwave is set to disrupt the first week of the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Temperatures will hit 41C tomorrow, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and remain in triple-digits until the weekend.

The BOM predicts extreme heatwave conditions in Melbourne and much of Victoria.

From Weather.com:

Many players train in places like Florida of Las Vegas, but nothing can really prepare you for long matches in 41C heat.

Andy Murray told SI.com, “The air is extremely, extremely hot as well. I mean, in Miami, there tends to be a breeze. Here when it’s 40 degrees, it can be calm. The air feels warm in your face. Your legs and your feet burn.”

A heatwave also hit Australia during the tournament last year, but it wasn’t as hot. The hottest Australian Open ever had an average temperature of 34C, according to CNN.

As long as temperatures don’t dip too much in the second week, this could break that record.

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