Australian Muslims Feel Under Siege After Anti-Terrorism Officers Shot Dead A Man In Melbourne

Forensic police are seen at the scene where a man as shot dead after stabbing two counter terrorism officers in Endeavour Hills, Melbourne. Photo by Luis Ascui/Getty Images

Australia’s Muslims feel under siege because of the language used during the public debate about the terrorist group ISIS.

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem said his community was anxious and he was disappointed by comments at the police press conference.

“I think it was a little too pre-emptive,” he told radio station 3AW. “The police have come out very clearly and almost have said it’s all the young man’s fault.”

He said the language used by politicians, including the Prime Minister, was inappropriate.

“It increases the tension,” he said.

“I feel for the police officers in addition to the young man, because in an environment where there is heightened tension people perceive things through a filtered lens of that anxiety and tension and will react in ways that they would not normally react.’

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, speaking from Hawaii, said: “Obviously this indicates there are people in our community capable of very extreme acts.”

The Islamic Council Of Victoria, in a statement, said there needed to a be full and objective investigation to ensure that such a tragedy was never repeated.

The statement:

“Our focus, at this time, is on supporting the family of the young man; ensuring that their needs are catered for. There will be many questions that they will want answers to and in the fullness of time we expect that the events of last night will become clearer.”

Krayem said this tragedy highlighted the real cost of a failure to deal with serious issues.

“We have made numerous calls on the Australian government to deal with the root causes of alienation and disaffection of people such as this,” he said.

“This is not about laying blame about a genuine need to identify the root causes and deal with them so that no further tragedies such as this occur again.”

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