Australian Military Helicopters Could Have To Rely On Imported Fuel During A Conflict: Report

Helicopter A new report has predicted Australian Navy helicopters would be forced to run on imported fuel during a conflict. (Photo: Getty)

A new report has suggested Australia’s military would be forced to rely on imported fuel during a conflict to run ship-based helicopters, due to a shortage of refineries.

Commissioned by the NRMA, the report — writen by retired Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn — says there is currently “no public government policy on maintaining a minimum level of oil refining capacity in Australia”.

This means, if a number of refineries close as expected, the fuel required to run ship-based military helicopters would need to be imported.

From the report:

“The Department of Defence has also been advised that the F44 fuel necessary for all ship-based helicopters is unlikely to be refined in Australia from mid-2014.

“As a result, the Australian Defence Forces may not be able to operate helicopters from naval ships, including our new amphibious ships, without the tacit approval of foreign refineries.”

The Australian has the story here.

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