Australian Men And Women Are Equally Unemployed And 8 Other New Gender Indicators From The ABS

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its latest update on Gender Indicators.

The issue is based on 52 indicators, each with a key series spread across six major areas of social concern for gender equality.

We’ve picked out one from each area that we thought was worth highlighting, but you can view the full series at the ABS website here.

Men and women are equally unemployed for the first time in five years

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are staying in school longer

There’s also been a marked growth in males aged 30-34 attaining a bachelor’s degree, up from 21.8% to 30.8% in the past 10 years. But not as strong as growth for women in the same age bracket – they’re up from 25.7% to 40.6%.

We’re still falling out of love with the idea of becoming tradies though, while whinging more at the price of hiring one:

Men are slowly learning how to drive properly

One that hasn’t been updated since 2012, but always worth a look, seeing as it’s a close enough to even split in Australia these days in regard to the total number of male-female drivers actually on our roads. The latest figures for NSW put women drivers at 48.7% of total road users, so there’s no excuse for the increased death rate, gents.

We’re all smashing heart disease

It seems some health campaigns are effective:

And some, sadly, aren’t:

Our criminals are getting older

We still have a disproportionate habit of giving Order of Australia Awards to men

Although it pales in comparison to that in our Defence Force:

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