Two Australians have died on separate adventures in Nepal


Two Australian man have died in Nepal on different expeditions.

Michael Davis, a 33-year old man from Newcastle, died after a falling rock severed his ropes as he was climbing down a mountain in the Himalayas on Thursday.

He was with a group of 15 climbers when a rock fall severed his climbing ropes as he was descending the 6,812-metre Ama Dablam mountain, according to the Himalayan Times.

Tshering Pande Bhote, Managing Director at tour company Top Himalaya Guides, confirmed to the Himalayan Times that Davis’ body had been airlifted to Kathmandu for postmortem.

Davis hadn’t been to the world’s highest mountain range before, but he had climbed two other peaks earlier in the five-week expedition, according to the SMH.

His sister-in-law, Kobie Davis, told Fairfax Media on Sunday that the family had spoken to a Norwegian doctor who was with the group at the time of the accident.

“He said Michael had double safety ropes all connected,” she told the publication. “He kind of indicated the rock hit Michael as well as cutting the rope.”

Family members will arrive in Nepal to receive Davis’s body in a day or two.

The ABC reports Tasmanian adventurer Adrian Kiernan, 31 died on Thursday while he was kayaking in Nepal.

He was kayaking down the 240km-long Humla Karnali river when he got into trouble, according to his friend and kayak partner Louis Bissonnette.

The exact circumstances of Kiernan’s death are not known at this stage.