Australian Lawyer Says He Doesn't Remember Stealing $14,500 Worth Of Art

thief in maskNot Michael Sullivan

Photo: Lanyap/Flickr

A prestigious Australian lawyer who pleaded guilty to stealing high-end pieces of artwork from a restaurant in 2008 has to stay out of trouble for two years. But he won’t be going to jail.The reason? He claims he doesn’t remember the crime.

Michael Sullivan’s lawyers argued the attorney suffers from dissociative amnesia, a disease that carries long-term memory loss in regards to traumatic events, The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported Thursday.

Judge Jennifer English accepted Sullivan’s explanation, claiming he “had previously lived an exemplary life,” ABC News reported Thursday.

English didn’t record a conviction for Sullivan but placed him on a two-year good behaviour bond.

The case started in December 2008 when security cameras caught Sullivan stealing two pieces of art from an art gallery that also served as a restaurant, The Sydney Morning Herald reported in May.

The art was worth $14,500.

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