Australian job site CareerOne went on a massive rebuild after getting hammered for market share

CareerOne CEO Ben Foote. Image: Supplied.

Australian companies increasingly need to consider global competition when they put together their strategy, something job advertising site CareerOne had to face up to quickly.

Just worrying about its local competitor, Seek, wasn’t enough in a world of Linkedin, Indeed, numerous job aggregator sites and social media.

Newly appointed CEO Ben Foote had a big job to turn the site around and claw back marketshare and relevance on the number 2 jobs site.

Foot told Business Insider that he’s had to work with the team to completely revamp the site and user experience, something he says was needed for some time.

“The current job board experience is appalling,” he said.

“We’ve done the most obvious, basic thing, it’s just taken a long time to get to this point. We’ve looked at the consumer experience and it was a terrible one.

“We could very quickly gain market share and become incredibly relevant if we stop everything we’re doing and become focussed on the consumer.”

While Foote won’t disclose the total investment in the rebuild, it’s believed to be several hundred-thousands of dollars.

Over the past decade, CareerOne has tried selling packages and media solutions to businesses. Now, Foote said the company is focussed on creating a consumer experience in the hope once the people come, advertisers will follow.

“The job market is changing,” he said.

“People want to find the right company as much as they want to find the right job.”

Already CareerOne has signed up Telstra, NAB, Uber, Toll Holdings and Airtasker to trial the new platform advertising jobs around a company, alongside information about its brand, culture, values and people.

“Users can search for jobs in the usual way, but those jobs will appear in an environment full of information,” Foote said.

The changes will help give context to a specific role and hopefully answer many of a job seekers questions before they apply.

“It’s a long way away from the thousands if job adds which are posted online every day,” he said.

Increasingly employers are branding themselves in the job market, especially in spaces where skills are in high demand, such as tech. Companies like Google and Atlassian spend a lot of time, money and effort, positioning themselves to attract the right talent.

Recognising this change is what drives Careerone’s latest re-launch. And Foote has set some lofty goals for the perennial bridesmaid. He wants it to be the most trafficked career site within two years.

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