Australian IT workers have a worse work-life balance than in the US

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A new report has found Aussie IT workers aren’t managing their work/life balance as well as their US counterparts. More than half of IT professionals surveyed experience sleep and/or other personal life interruptions due to a digital service disruption or an outage more than 10 times a week.

The survey conducted by PagerDuty asked 800 IT professionals across Australia, the UK and US about their work. Twice as many US respondents said their work-life balance was excellent compared to IT professionals in Australia and the UK.

Almost three-quarters said their managers have little or no visibility in knowing when they are experiencing a difficult on-call period.

The PagerDuty State of IT Work-Life Balance Report wasn’t all bad news. While Australians lag behind their US counterparts, 82% per cent of Australian respondents rated their work-life balance as good, very good or excellent although 52% said poor work-life balance is just part of the job. 45% agree their work-life balance isn’t the greatest, but they deal with it.

Burn-out remains a major issue – one I’ve seen as many organisations look for ways reduce expenditure and see IT support as a place to do that. But with recruitment costs rising, the need to ensure staff are able to balance their well-being with work is becoming increasingly important – not just for the people but to the company bottom line.

The study asked 814 general population respondents from online research panels in the US, Australia and the UK to answer 14 questions about their roles, organisations and the challenges they face when addressing digital service disruptions.

This article first appeared at Lifehacker Australia. See the original here.

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