Australian fitness influencer Ashy Bines is being sued $150,000 for plagiarism

A food blogger is threatening legal action against Australian fitness guru Ashy Bines amid claims she stole her recipes.

Allie Dodd, from Brisbane, has accused Gold Coast based Bines of taking recipes from her blog Mealspiration and putting them in her own healthy eating ebook.

Dodd told 9News that she was reading Bines’ book published in 2012 when she stumbled upon her exact recipes for salmon and cauliflower sushi, kangaroo rolls and chicken mince quiche.

Ashy Bines says she often outsources projects to “experts” and that she may have been “naive” about how thoroughly they checked the origin of recipes.

“I started reading [Ms Bines’ book] and thought that’s exactly what’s written in my blog – there were pictures of my hands,” said Dodd, pointing to a heart tattoo by her thumb.

She says Bines never asked permission to reproduce the recipes or the photos.

In response to the allegations that the recipes in her book were not original, Bines shared a video explaining that she sometimes outsources work to other people.

“As a business woman, I often outsource projects to experts and people better qualified to give you the best information,” Ms Bines told her legion of fans.

“Unfortunately, I may have been too naive to think that I wouldn’t have to check the origins of each recipe.

“It’s recently come to my attention that some of these recipes were not originals at all, and have been copied from other sources. This was never my intention and it really sucks that these things can happen.”

Following the allegations, Dodd claims Bines never got in touch with her to apologise, and said the alleged rip-off left her unmotivated and reluctant to blog anymore. Dodd is now crowd-funding for her legal fees.

“I used the funds I originally raised and now the next step is going to be in the vicinity of $5000, possibly more, to lodge the documents with the court and engage a lawyer to do further work,” she said.

“I really want to stand up for myself, I really don’t want to back down.”

Bines is currently in the Maldives celebrating her birthday.

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