Australian firefighters were shot at by hunters while battling a fire in the US

FacebookRFS firefighter Daniel Barwick, third from left, with fellow firefighters in Washington state.

Two Australian firefighters and two US Forest Service officers were shot at while they were battling a fire last month in the remote White Pass ski area in Washington state in the US.

The SMH reports that the crew were chased across a ridge by two hunters, despite the crew warning the hunters they were in a restricted area.

All four firefighters managed to find cover from the hunters and were later safely airlifted out of the area.

One of the Australian firefighters is highly-experienced Daniel Barwick, an RFS volunteer who was awarded a National Medal last year for protecting the Lake George area near Canberra.

The other Australian was an employee of Fire & Rescue NSW.

One of the local Forest Service officers who was chased by the hunters was so scared for his safety during the pursuit, he even recorded a goodbye message on his phone to his family.

The two hunters involved have been arrested and charged by the FBI.

Almost 80 Australian firefighters have been working with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in northern California, Oregon and Washington since July.

Of those, 42 Australian firefighters were sent to the Washington state fire.

The incident led to demands for local fire services to upgrade security and guarantee the safety of the firefighters in the area.

US authorities have now guaranteed their safety, and they are continuing their firefighting operations.

The SMH has more.

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