Here’s what these 23 Australian executives want this Christmas

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It’s that time of year where stores are covered in Christmas decorations and variations of Jingle Bells are playing over the office music system.

While it’s an exciting and festive time of year, it can also be a headache if you have run out of gift ideas.

But if you have a business-minded loved one, or someone who likes to be up to date with the latest gadget, we’ve compiled a list of what successful Australian executives are hoping to get this year to make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

Here’s what these 23 Australian executives want this Christmas.

Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door

I battle to ever think of anything I want. Hopefully someone buys me some nice (trendy) clothes, because I hate buying clothes myself so it’s good to get that job done. I would like to buy a 4 berth sailing boat, but I don’t think that will be happening till Car Next Door has come a long way forward!

Nati Harpaz, CEO of Catch of the Day

Don’t call me crazy but I want to add a pilot licence to my wish list. Perhaps I need to sign up for a few lessons first!

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Zoe Pointon, CEO and co-founder of Open Agent

Can I ask for a different US president?
I’d love some new cycle and running gear to help me with my new years resolutions of getting out every morning. Maybe a Garmin power meter if I’m really spoiled!

Levi Aron, country manager of Deliveroo

I’ve been eyeing a few drones lately, I think I could have a lot of fun with one over the summer – and even use it to help with deliveries on a busy Deliveroo night, watch this spot.

Alexis Soulopoulus, CEO of Mad Paws

I saw this really cool thing on Kickstarter recently. It’s called Slow Dance; a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. The frame appears to be using magic, but in actual fact it’s an optical illusion that makes time appear to slow down. It really looks like the animated portraits in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and so I am a fan!

Bethany James-Best, CEO James Said

I’m hoping for two weeks off undisturbed from work – precious time to switch off with my husband and son. If I could put an order in with Santa I’m sending vibes to the universe for the Canturi Regina Link Ring in white gold and black sapphires.

Photo: Canturi.

Craig Adamson, Director of Leading Hotels of the World, Australia and New Zealand

I love a good autobiography, particularly of successful business people. Otherwise, I just want to have time with family and friends.

Tony Windever, VP of Unisys, Asia Pacific

The gift of time! It’s free – but has so much value. But if I were hoping to find something under the tree… there are a couple of things I’d love to learn to do… I’d really love to take a cooking course and lift my game in the kitchen. Or guitar lessons – I was given an acoustic guitar as a birthday present years ago but still don’t know how to play it.

Luke Anear, CEO and founder of SafetyCulture

For Xmas I’d love a brand new Mini so I can drive it across Australia. I’ve been wanting to do that for ages, but haven’t had time. That would be so much fun to just be in the outback and show just how far you can go in a tiny car! If Mini want to give me the car, I’ll do it!

The 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman SE all-wheel drive. AFP/Robyn Beck/Getty

Ryan Berman, founder of Vidcorp

Easy… A home made card from my 15-month-old daughter!

James Marshall, CEO of Thorn Group

A donation to Children’s Tumour Foundation Australia…A wonderful charity that needs all the support they can get.

William Strange, CEO and founder of Sports Performance Tracking

Unrealistic and definitely the dream gift, but I would love to receive a house. While currently looking at the market, the inner-city suburbs are exploding. I’m part of gen Y, in our late 20s to early 30s, being locked out of the ability to purchase a house in areas we want to live in. But I try not to whinge about it, as it’s just the situation we’re in; whining doesn’t help. I would, however, love the gift of one of these ever growing, ever valuable houses in the inner suburbs. Until my personal financial situation changes, I will be looking outside of the six to eight kilometre ring around the CBD.

Meray Azar, founder of Epic Catch

I love a good men’s t-shirt to lounge around in! I wouldn’t mind adding one of these Australian made tees to my wardrobe. They are made using Australian cotton and are designed by local students. Also, I’ve always wanted a ‘gift a goat’ through Oxfam. They actually let you gift a goat to a couple, which is such a cool idea. Being able to help a family in poverty would really put a smile on my face this Christmas!

Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Karen Lawson, CEO of Slingshot

I have been hoping that Santa would deliver me access to the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge! 2017 will see us delivering accelerator programs across Brisbane such as the Barayamal Indigenous Accelerator as well as in Melbourne, Sydney, regional Australia and international locations so I will be spending a lot of time in airports and planes.

Andrew Barnes, CEO and co-founder, GO1

Smart Home Gear: I just brought back an Amazon Echo from the USA (it’s not yet launched in Australia). Now I can control the lights, music, front door, and more using voice – and it actually works really well! There’s a growing range of smart home devices already launched in Australia, so Belkin’s WeMo range, Philips’ Hue lightbulbs, or Sonos speakers, are definitely gifts that I would love to see under the Christmas tree.

Ranin Mendis, CEO and founder, LoanDolphin

I’m really looking forward to some downtime as it’s been a busy year. So the biggest gift would be a quiet diary and a week to lie on a beach (any beach!) with my wife.

Taryn Williams, founder and CEO, TheRight.Fit, WINK Models

The gift I am hoping to receive this year is a pushbike so I can ride to work. I’ve always made so many excuses about why I drive the less-than-five minutes from my home to my office, and I’m finally admitting defeat! I also think it’s the perfect present for summer, and looking forward to not having to try to find a car park in Surry Hills. Ideally it’s a good-looking bike too, we can’t just be all about practicality!

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Adam Laurie, managing director and co-founder of Digital360

You can’t beat spending time with family and friends, and with a healthy newborn our Xmas present came early this year. In addition to that my dream gift would definitely be an iPhone battery that never goes flat, but since that hasn’t been invented yet I might have to settle for something a little more realistic (and hope that Apple are working hard on it for 2017).

Luscheyne Mellon, co-founder,

Time to make something tangible by hand with my partner and have our daughter (2.5 years old) help us paint it. I’ve been creating digital products for so many years now. And this year I have had a deep yearning to make something by hand but have not had the time. Even if it does not turn out how we intended, it’s more about finding a way to rejuvenate your soul, be truly present and disconnect from the digital world we spend so much of our time in.

Caitlin Isles, founder and CEO, XChange

The gift that I would love most this Christmas would be time! It’s my ultimate luxury and an additional couple of hours a day would be spent with family, friends and my dog @albythemutt out in the open, walking, enjoying Melbourne’s amazing parks and open spaces. More non-work related activities, with the primary objective of having more fun.

Jeff McAlister, CEO of TryBooking

A Fit Bit: I had one for a few months earlier this year and it was one of the few gadgets that I have got great value out of (I have spent a lot on gadgets over time). It actually motivated me to get my 10,000 steps per day in which is a great benefit for those who work on computers all day.

Photo: Stephen Maturen/ Getty Images for Fitbit.

Kate Adams, founder and CEO of

I’d love a few days off. And I hope there would be sun, sand, friends, breakfast made for me and a nice bottle of red wine. I have spent 2016 completely focused on my new startup, Thankly, and it feels like a backpack I never take off! While I wouldn’t have it any other way, normal life becomes a distant memory. Having a few days off to relax, refresh and plan for 2017 is the ultimate.

Charbel Zeaiter, co-founder and co-CEO of Academy Xi

There are four gifts I’d love.
1. Free time! What would I do with free time?
2. I’d love for someone (anyone) to buy me a direct flight to Lombok.
3. While you’re purchasing travel for me, a boat ride to Medang Island, part of the East Indonesian Archipelago, where I have a sizeable share of beachfront land.
4. So the ultimate gift would really be some villas on this land. Merry Christmas all.