Australian e-commerce startup Marketplacer is going to take on big ticketing companies

Photo: Co-founder Sam Salter and Jason Wyatt/ supplied.

Off the back of an incredible 2015, raising $10 million, Australian online marketplace platform Marketplacer will launch a new ticketing platform in 2016 as well as expanding into the UK.

The platform, Tixstar, will set itself apart from other ticketing agencies by offering “experiences you can’t get from other companies,” Marketplacer co-founder Jason Wyatt told Business Insider.

“Things like flipping a coin before an AFL match or playing golf on Augusta in America. It’ll be a premium ticket experience that will be completely unique.”

There’s no launch date for Tixstar other than “soon”.

Marketplacer launched in 2006 as an idea from two young blokes who noticed more bikes were sold in Australia than cars. The business now has offices in Melbourne, the USA, New Zealand and Germany, employing more than 100 people. It’s valued at around $70 million.

The big year continues with a launch in the UK. The startup is partnering with existing companies to create big marketplaces fast. Wyatt wouldn’t announce who his third-party partners were just yet, but he did say they are “seriously big contracts where things will be changed literally overnight”.

The startup currently offers four global marketplaces: BikeExchange, TiniTrader, House of Home and Outdoria.

They also provide services that allow people to build large scale online marketplaces by providing consumers with access to content marketing services, web store platforms, SEO optimisation as well as CRM and KPI reports.

BikeExchange is now the world’s biggest online marketplace for the sector, trading in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and soon the UK.

“We have millions of people globally buying millions of millions of products. We drive people to sellers, and our millions of monthly consumers,” Wyatt said.

But Wyatt was equally as excited about the e-commerce industry as a whole, the potential growth it holds and how easy it is for people to get involved.

“When we started this business in 2006 we were inventors, but now there are off-the-shelf plugins that make it easier than before,” he said.

“Things like Braintree, which we use, are plug-and-play solutions that helped us expand overseas. They solved our internationalisation problem, which was one of the reasons our growth had slowed in the past and they can do that for anyone.”

“E-Commerce is just incredibly exciting. 90% of small businesses don’t have an e-commerce site, and of that 10% only really 2% are taking advantage of it.

“I look at it as 90% opportunity. Businesses like Braintree just makes things easy for people to pay, it’s a simply plug in, a scalable solution. The opportunity as technologists is to make an ecosystems to pay and operate online.

“These online marketplaces obviously have huge momentum. The largest taxi business doesn’t own a taxi and the largest content business in the world doesn’t produce any content. All marketplaces in their own right.”

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