Australian Drug Money Is Going To Terrorists: Report

Hezbollah and Amal gunmen take position during clashes after fighting broke out between Shiite Hezbollah forces and Sunni Muslims in the Mount Lebanon area May 11, 2008. Photo: Getty

Millions of dollars spent by Australians on illegal drugs are being sent to terrorists organisations through a money-laundering program, according to a Fairfax Media report.

Fairfax says 40 separate money-laundering operations have been uncovered across Australia by a task force called Project Eligo.

According to the report at least one of the exchange houses discovered sends a portion of ever dollar cleared to Lebanese group Hezbollah, whose military wing is listed as terrorist organisation by Australian authorities.

So far, according to the report, the operation has seized $26 million in dirty cash, and frozen $30 million of houses and other assets funded by drug money. It has also intercepted drug shipments totalling more than $530 million dollars.

There’s more here.

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