Australian counter-terrorism police arrested a suspected French extremist just hours after the Paris attacks

Spencer Platt / Getty Images (File)

Counter-terrorism police have arrested a French national suspected of being an Islamic extremist, after he tried to enter Australia just two days after the shootings in Paris.

The Australian reports that the French man was caught as he arrived in Melbourne from Abu Dhabi after they discovered an anomaly with his travel documentation.

Australian Border Force authorities later found he was carrying extremist material and a supply of chemical mace.

After he was questioned and ­detained overnight at Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre, authorities deported the man back to France where local authorities are continuing to investigate his connections.

The arrest comes as part of a blitz on Europeans travelling to Australia, especially those from France and Belgium, in the wake of last month’s attacks in Paris which killed 130 people.

Along with a 25% boost in counter-terror officers at Australian airports, authorities have also implemented tighten the screening regimes, greater scrutiny of online visa applications, increased intelligence sharing with European agencies.

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