Australian Companies Are Still Spending A Bunch Of Money On Print Job Advertisements

Newspaper classifieds: Getty Images

Australian companies are spending more than a third of their job advertising budgets on print classifieds, despite a growing number of candidates seeking positions online.

According to figures released in Seek’s annual results presentation today, Australian companies spend 37% of their job advertising budgets on print classifieds, compared with only 10% in the US.

But far more jobs are listed online than in print (87% vs 13%), reflecting how online advertising tends to be cheaper.

Seek said 92% of Australian job seekers preferred to look for jobs online than in print, based on an online survey conducted by Newspoll this month.

It beat market expectations today with a record net profit, which – excluding a major acquisition of Chinese job board Zhaopin – grew 8% year-on-year to $141.1 million.

Shares are up almost 4% today, at $9.74.

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