The best Australian Christmas casual jobs

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  • The peak hiring period for Christmas jobs is during September and October.
  • More than two thirds (67%) of Christmas job opportunities in Australia are in retail, according to analysis by jobs site Indeed.
  • Consumer expectations and developments in technology are changing the way retailers operate and their expectations of staff.

Now is the time to start looking for a Christmas casual job.

Analysis by global job site Indeed shows that employers started posting job ads last week.

Job postings for part-time and Christmas casuals traditionally begins in late July, and peaks between September and October, leaving few openings for those who don’t think about summer employment until the warm weather hits.

“Many school and university students will miss out on these positions, as proactive job seekers are starting to fill the roles way before the holiday break begins,” says Indeed’s Employer Insight Strategist, Jay Munro.

Retail roles, serving the Christmas shopping frenzy, make up a high proportion of job postings. More than two thirds (67%) of Christmas job opportunities in Australia are in that sector.

These jobs, usually seen as a short-term way of making extra spending money, can provide invaluable experience and training for a future career.

“Retail jobs provide students with an opportunity to build on various skills that may come in handy later down the track when applying for full-time roles,” says Munro.

Many retailers are experimenting with innovation to deliver new experiences and differentiate themselves.

Bricks and mortar stores are offering services such as live demonstrations, in-store pop ups and personal shopping experiences. Ikea recently launched its first virtual reality store for Australia’s regional areas.

Retailers are looking at personalisation, improved logistics for cheaper and faster deliveries, and greater engagement across social channels.

Many now offer click and collect. Others services such as Afterpay are changing the way people pay for their shopping.

“With the retail sector currently in a state of transformation, new jobs and career pathways are being developed to meet consumer needs,” says Munro.

“Retailers will increasingly look for diversely skilled, talented individuals who demonstrate strategic thinking, adaptability and technical skills — such as software development, marketing analysis and the foresight to recognise future opportunities that others don’t.

“Staff with these skill sets have never been more valuable to a consumer orientated business and will be vital for delivering great experiences and driving sales.”

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