Australian Chief Justice And Magistrate Expelled From Nauru

Nauru Aerial view of Nauru. Photo: WikiCommons

Nauru’s chief justice and only magistrate, who are both Australian citizens, have been stood down and expelled by the president of the pacific island nation.

On Sunday morning Nauru’s president Baron Waqa fired chief magistrate and Supreme Court registrar Peter Law, according to an ABC News report.

Law told The ABC he was required to be on the first plane out of Nauru. To prevent this Chief Justice Geoffrey Eames issued an injunction against Waqa’s deportation of Law, though it was ignored.

According to the report Eames then had his visa cancelled, preventing him from returning to the island to deal with the matter.

It has been suggested by both Law and Eames that their removal was to prevent them being involved in two criminal cases which were set to go before the court today.

There is more here.

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