Australian Celebrity Doctor Geoffrey Edelsten Faces Divorce After Affair And Bankruptcy

Geoffrey and Brynne Edelsten in September 2013.

Former US fitness instructor and reality TV star Brynne Edelsten is reportedly divorcing Australian celebrity doctor husband Geoffrey, who declared himself bankrupt in a US court last week.

The SMH reports that Brynne Edelsten, who turns 31 this month, told friends that she was unable to forgive her 70-year-old husband for pursuing a New Jersey woman on an online dating site in March 2012.

News of the couple’s divorce comes after Geoffrey Edelsten declared himself bankrupt in an Ohio court last Thursday, with debts of $18.2 million to Australian and US tax authorities, the NAB, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, accountants, lawyers, business partners and his mother.

The SMH has more.

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