Australian Businessman Marcus Lee Has Been Refused Permission To Leave Dubai After Being Acquitted From Sunland Case

Getty Images. Dubai, where Varoujan fled to.

Australian businessman Marcus Lee, cleared of property fraud in Dubai after a five year court battle, has been refused permission to leave the country.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Lee was questioned for two hours with his wife before being refused permission to board his flight from Dubai to Sydney earlier today.

The Lee’s lawyer, John Sneddon, has described the situation as “beyond the joke”.

“Marcus has obtained all of the necessary approvals. He has done everything by the book. He has visited all of the government departments and has met every legal requirement.

“They were treated like criminals at the airport, in spite of the fact that the Dubai justice system has declared him to be innocent”, Sneddon said.

Charged with fraud by Gold Coast development company Sunland, Lee and his former Australian boss Matthew Joyce spent nine months in jail and more than four years under house arrest in Dubai after their arrest in 2009.

In November both men acquitted of all charges and were granted clearance from Dubai officials to return to Australia.

The SMH reports, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing support to the couple and working to clarify the situation which is believe to simply be “another bureaucratic bungle.”

Joyce returned to Australia in December following the acquittal.

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