Australian businesses will soon be able to use lightweight drones without a licence

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will relax restrictions on lightweight drones used for commercial purposes.

The move will allow businesses to operate drones weighing less than 2kg for commercial use, without the need for an unmanned operator’s certificate.

Currently, businesses need to provide documentation proposing exactly what they plan to do with a drone, where, when and for how long. Alternatively, they outsource certified operators to fly them.

The change is the result of a risk assessment carried out by CASA, but spokesperson Peter Gibson told Business Insider that basic operating conditions will still have to be met.

“The take up rate for businesses is impossible to say, but it will certainly reduce the red tape burden for commercial use of drones under two kilos,” he said.

Gibson said the changes are expected to be made in the fourth quarter of 2015, but may not take effect until 2016.

Australia’s unmanned aircraft rules for commercial use will undergo a full review later this year — something that hasn’t occurred since they were implemented in 2002.

CASA is also considering issuing a manual of standards to support the new regulations containing information on licensing, controlled airspace training, records management and operational standards.

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