The Federal Government will force even more businesses shut as Australia approaches a full lockdown. This is what the new rules mean.

The Australian Government will force some businesses shut to contain the coronavirus. (Photo by Mark Graham, NurPhoto)

More Australian businesses will be closed indefinitely as part of the Federal Government’s effort to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia would extend the nationwide restrictions laid out just days earlier.

“Our goal is to get through this together and by following commonsense rules and doing the right thing, that’s how we slow the spread of this virus, and that’s how we save lives,” Morrison said.

While the Prime Minister confirmed schools will remain open, he said new education measures were being considered to keep teachers and students safe.

Effective from midnight on Wednesday, these are the new nationwide restrictions businesses and individuals must follow.

Some businesses and services will close entirely

  • Personal services such as beauty and nail salons, and tattoo stores. Massage parlours will also close with the exception of health-related services like physiotherapists.
  • Yoga, pilates and wellness centres, pools and sporting centres.
  • Community and recreation centres, galleries and libraries.
  • Amusement parks, arcades, and indoor and outdoor play centres.
  • Auction houses and open inspections will be banned.

Other businesses will operate under strict new restrictions

  • Shopping centre food courts may only operate a takeaway service.
  • Hairdressers and barbers must limit appointments to 30 minutes or less, and must implement social distancing between customers.
  • Boot camps and personal training (PT) sessions must not exceed 10 participants.
  • Weddings will be restricted to five people, including the couple, celebrant and witnesses.
  • Funerals may only be attended by a maximum of ten people.
  • Outdoor food markets will operate at the discretion of state governments.

Individuals will also face new rules limiting their activities

  • Australians have been urged to stay at home unless buying groceries or medicine, exercising, for medical needs, work if it cannot be performed at home, or to care for others.
  • Visits to other’s homes should be limited to small numbers at most.
  • Parties and barbeques are banned, and groups of people should not congregate outside.
  • The existing government advice not to travel will be upgraded to a total travel ban. The only possible exceptions will be made for aid workers, essential work travel and on compassionate grounds.

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