Australian business travellers haven't given up on the US since Trump became president

Al Bello/Getty Images

Business travel from Australia to the US appears to have increased slightly since Donald Trump became president, despite fears of a slump.

Corporate Travel Management (CTM), an ASX-listed company servicing the business traveller, says it has detected a “slight increase” in bookings since Trump was elected.

And industry sources say there’s been no slowdown in the total number of people flying to the US from Australia despite reported increased security and tighter immigration procedures.

Australian author Mem Fox, known for her children’s books including Possum Magic, says she was was interrogated at Los Angeles Airport earlier this month after US officials made a mistake with her visa. They subsequently apologised.

The travel press in the US is reporting what they call a Trump slump, an unintended drop in people coming following a ban on citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Globally, online searches for flights to the US have been reported down 17%. And the US travel industry says 31% of travel professionals expect the ban to cause a cut in their company’s business travel over three months.

However, the slide hasn’t reached the Australian business traveller.

“Overall, we have seen a slight increase in bookings activity since Trump was elected to president,” Corporate Travel Management managing director Jamie Pherous told Business Insider.

“Since the election, CTM’s bookings have been consistent with the corporate sentiment and confidence survey results coming out of the US.

“Typically, corporate confidence and government growth strategies increase corporate travel activity, and this is what we are witnessing in this market.”

The Global Business Travel Association has urged the Trump administration to keep in mind the importance of travel to the US economy.

“Closing our borders sends a message to the world that the United States is closed for business,” says the association.

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