Australian-Born Jihadists In Iraq Threaten Aussie Troops Via Twitter

Mohammed Jalil-Pool/ Getty

Australian jihad extremists, fighting with the al-Qaeda splinter group the Islamic State, have threatened the lives of Australian soldiers in a sickening tweet.

Mohamed Elomar of Sydney, who has been linked to the executions of unarmed Iraqis, posted a picture of what appears to be a beaten Iraqi soldier, saying “Look at the end of these Iraqi maliki dogs bunch of girls can’t wait to see a Australian soldier cyring [sic] saying bakia.”

To which convicted Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf replied: “Allah … says ‘kill them where ever you find them’ … terrorise the enemies of Allah.”

The threat comes after a small force of Australian troops, and elite members of the SAS, helped to secure the Australian embassy in Baghdad just over a fortnight ago.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ruled out sending troops into combat in Iraq, but says the threat of returning jihadists to Australia will be the government’s next border security challenge.

Abbott says he will do his “damnedest” to stop “trained killers who hate our way of life… cause mayhem in our country”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has cancelled the passports of people known to be involved in the terrorist groups, with speculation their citizenship could follow.

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