Australian athletes forced to move into a hotel as Olympic village in Rio remains 'uninhabitable'

Kitty Chiller, Chef de Mission for Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympic village. Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Australian athletes have been forced to stay in a hotel instead of the Olympic village in Rio, as the accommodation proves to be “uninhabitable”.

Yesterday, AOC chef de mission Kitty Chiller confirmed that Australian athletes would not be moving into the village, saying rooms did not pass a “stress test” standard.

“For over a week now AOC staff have been working long hours to get our section of the village ready for our athletes,” Chiller said.

“Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean.

“In operations areas water has come through the ceiling resulting in large puddles on the floor around cabling and wiring.”

“We decided to do a ‘stress test’ where taps and toilets were simultaneously turned on in apartments on several floors to see if the system could cope once the athletes are in-house.

“The system failed. Water came down walls, there was a strong smell of gas in some apartments and there was ‘shorting’ in the electrical wiring.”

View of an athlete’s room at the Olympic village in Rio. Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba/ AFP/ Getty Images.

The first Australian athletes, boxers and canoeists, were scheduled to move into the village on Sunday.

In response to Chiller’s concerns, the city’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, joked that a kangaroo in the village would make the Australian team feel more at home.

“Adjustments that have to be made will be made, and we will have the appropriate structure,” Paes told reporters in Brazil.

“As hosts, what we want it for everyone to feel at home.

“It is natural that you have some kind of adjustments to do, but we will make Australians feel at home here. I almost feel like putting a kangaroo in front of their building to make them feel at home.”

Read Chiller’s full statement here.

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