Australian app Invoice2go is ready for the new Apple Watch

Tim Cook at the Apple launch event. Photo: Getty

The next time a tradie visits your home to do work, the invoice might only be a tap of his Apple Watch away.

Australian-designed mobile invoicing app Invoice2go was one of a handful of apps worldwide ready to roll when Apple’s new watch was unveiled in the US overnight.

Eight years ago, the company started to shake up the way small business works with its iPhone app. Founder Chris Strode said they’ve worked hard to make things simpler to use on the watch.

“I think with the release of the Apple Watch we are going to find some things make even more sense to do from your wrist,” he said.

“To make a big difference on an even smaller screen, you have to focus on creating features which are actually easier to do from your wrist.”

The app allows users to track time on the job more accurately. When they arrive on site, it uses geofencing for check-in and check-out time-tracking.

This data automatically pre-fills the invoice for the business owner to modify, or send in one tap, all from their wrist.

Notifications also provide updates on when customers pay to help small business owners keep a track of cash-flow, at a glance.

Invoice2go already has 200,000 customers worldwide.

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